Mario Schifano: The Rise of the '60s
The exhibition at Magazzino Italian Art explores Schifano’s contributions and profound impact on art and culture in America and around the world.

On view through January 8, 2024, Mario Schifano: The Rise of the ‘60s is the first major survey of work from the 1960s and '70s by the Roman painter born in Libya. On view will be eighty works, the great majority on loan from international collections, including twelve from Fondazione Maurizio Calvesi Collection that have never been exhibited before.
Organized by Magazzino Italian Art in collaboration with the Archivio Mario Schifano and curated by Alberto Salvadori, the exhibition is presented on the sixtieth anniversary of Schifano’s first visit to the United States—a turning point in his career—and includes works from the beginning of the 1960s made in homage to Italy’s painters of commercial billboards. With their painterly play on the logos of companies such as Coca-Cola and Esso, these works represent a parallel, independent development to American Pop Art. Also on view are series including his monochromes, emulsion canvases dedicated to TV Landscapes, and photographs from a road trip in the United States.

While keenly attuned to the currents of the moment (as acknowledged by the title Rise of the ‘60s, inspired by a book by art historian Thomas Crow), Schifano also drew continually from, and commented on, the historic work of artists including Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Leonardo da Vinci, Piero della Francesca and Kazimir Malevich. For Schifano, painting was a form of wandering, in which he brought together his encounters with art history, photography, current events, love and sex: or tutto (everything), as he titled one of his paintings. His work was an all-encompassing practice that reflected both his own energies and the zeal of a generation of writers, poets, and intellectuals.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the publication Mario Schifano: The Rise of the ‘60s, curated by Alberto Salvadori, Lara Conte and Francesco Guzzetti with texts by Alberto Salvadori, Andrea Cortellessa, Claire Gilman, Daniela Lancioni, Francesco Guzzetti, Giorgia Gastaldon, Giuliana Bruno, Lara Conte, Luciano Chessa, Raphael Rubinstein, Riccardo Venturi and Stefano Chiodi.
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