Louise Nevelson. Assembling Thoughts
The Municipal Museum of Ascona is pleased to present for the first time in Switzerland an important anthological exhibition about the Ukrainian artist, naturalized American, Louise Nevelson, one of the major representatives of 20th century sculpture.The exhibition, conceived from the close collaboration with the Marconi Foundation of Milan, presents about eighty works that trace the artist's poetics, to which is also adjoined a section of historical, documentary and didactic material to help understand the evolution of Louise Nevelson’s creative thought process.The exhibition’s itinerary is built around an emblematic core of works that ranges from rare drawings of the Thirties to the famous, hieratic, black and monumental "sculptures-assemblages" of the Sixties and Seventies, put into dialogue through a precise selection of more than sixty collages, the outcome of what could be defined as her most intimate and deeply desired research throughout thirty years of artistic and existential work from 1956 to 1986.These pieces are a sort of laboratory of ideas, of experimentation in progress, of techniques, materials and above all of recycling and reuse of objects of common use randomly found and freely elaborated that testify to the vast artistic horizon of Louise Nevelson, perfectly aware of abstract results of the historical avant-gardes and of the work of her contemporaries, both technically and conceptually. Furthermore, they substantially represent her distinctive language, characterized by a wise ability to assemble fragments of erratic objects, bearers of memory and history, skillfully regenerated into a harmonious entity, thanks to the inspiration of the creator artist, of the resilient woman, ante litteram ecologist and capable of proudly fighting for her own distinctive femininity.Dadaist, cubist, abstract, metaphysical, monochrome… Louise Nevelson is a collage! She herself declares: “The way I think is collage”, her nature is the tortuous one of an assemblage of experiences and thoughts that are composed into a complex personality that is essential to her tireless creativity.
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